IJ Group Oceania is a privately owned enterprise spearheaded by industry veterans Ian Seymour and Brock Johnson. With over 60 years combined expertise in civil engineering, property development, real estate, and construction, Ian and Brock bring a wealth of experience to every project. IJ Group Oceania has quietly become a leading authority in property development, civil engineering and construction projects across Queensland and Northern NSW, with over $500 million in project deliveries.


At IJ Group Oceania, leadership is synonymous with hands-on involvement. Ian and Brock epitomise this ethos by actively engaging in all aspects of our projects, whether it’s rolling up their sleeves on-site or delivering strategic presentations to financiers in boardrooms. Their commitment ensures meticulous attention to detail and fosters a culture of excellence everyday.

Driven by a passion for delivering exceptional results, Ian and Brock’s philosophy is rooted in leading by example. Their dedication to excellence is reflected in every project, making IJ Group Oceania a trusted partner for your most ambitious projects.


Ian Seymour

Managing and Civil Engineering Director

Brock Johnson

Building and Construction Director

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